The qoute

This is from the novel by George R. R. Martin: A Game of Thrones

- "I don't even know who my mother was." (Jon)

- "Some woman, no doubt. Most of them are."(Tyrion)

29 April 2010

Science and magic

So last night I was reading Eldest (Christopher Paolini), and I came acoss a pragraf that explained science with magic. I mean is that great or what! I love it. I belieave that is part of the reason why I chose to study subjects such as biology and astronomy in school, because I want some explainations to be just a bit mysterious. A little bit silly I know, but I sometimes just want magic to explain everything.
But actually I have found a couple such things. For intance in astronomy the whole Big Bang teory can be explained different ways, and one of them (and the most common as far as I know) is with these two concepts, called dark stuff and dark energy. These are two concepts that are almost totally unknown. They have just been given a name, but it is unknown what exately is behind the name. It is great.
And this is just one thing, because if you look into black holes, you'll discover that it is tecnecly is possibly to go backwards in time! WOW

Which leads my to something else I thought about last night. When I am to die, it would be the coolest way to do it would be by falling into a black hole or a maelstrom. That would be like discovering something unknown and cool as the last thing you'll ever do. And maybe, you never know, there could be something on the side ;)

27 April 2010

First Message

Wow, super cool. I've never blogged before. Always thought it was kind of weird, because who is goin to read it. But whatever!
Right first things first, I am Iben or Ibberman (my internet-name) hehe. I am from Denmark, but it is a lot more fun to write in English, because I do so much writing in dainish. So I appoligize for the occasional bad spelling.
I want to blog because I LOVE to opcess about things, and now I can do it... mwahhahahah!

So today I broke, a promise to myself. Or it is not really a promise, just something I told myself not to do. But I broke it anyway, well lets face it, it happens. Anyway, I ordered the complete collection of Torchwood! Wow I can't wait for it to get here. I have seen all the episodes, but all the same. I should point out that I am certainly hoping this won't countiue to be the comple collection, because well... I want another series! I love John Barrowman, and since he isn't so much (and maybe never will be again) in Doctor Who.... (which is better than Torchwood, but you got to take what you can)
Anyway I always come up with lame excuses, but this one was rather good... or okay at least. I had to buy a gift for my friend at the same store on the internet, so thats good!

Well that was certainly a blog about nothing at all! But as I said: whatever!
Hehe, this ws rather fun.